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A word about Jewelry

Here's some advice that can potentially save you thousands of dollars.  It may seem obvious but many just don't get it.  Are you ready?  Here we go...

 There is no such thing as used jewelry

The same piece you buy from any mall jewelry store you could potentially buy from us for thousands less.  There is just no reason to buy "new" jewelry unless you're having it custom made.  Diamonds aren't like a car; they don't "wear".  You can always clean a diamond and it will come out just as it did the day it left the jewelry store.  So the question then becomes, why should you pay the exorbitant markup of a jewelry store when you can purchase a piece used for generally less than half the mall store price?

 We posess all the proper equipment for grading stones on site and can offer an appraisal for just about anything we sell.  We also send out our higher end pieces for GIA certification which is an accepted industry standard used by many of the same mall stores you've probably already shopped.  We sell hundreds of thousands of dollars in jewelry every year. We guarantee every piece that we sell to be exactly what we say it is.

Try us out today!  Come in and compare any piece we have with a jewelry store and you'll see exactly how much money you can save!

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