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Frequently Asked Questions

Ok, so you want to get a loan on your DVD player or maybe you want to sell some gold... Here are some frequently asked questions that might save you a call or a wasted trip.  If you DO have any questions don't hesitate to call us.  We're here to help!


What documentation do I need to get a loan or sell my goods? - A state or federal issued identification card (state ID or Drivers License) is required to sell or get a loan. 

Do I need to be a specific age to sell? - Yes, you must be at least 18 years old in the state of Illinois to sell or get a loan.

How much do you pay for X? - We generally do not give prices out without seeing an item first hand. There are certain exceptions to this rule but for the most part unless an item is unrealistically heavy (and difficult to bring in) or we offer a set price on it, we don't give prices out without first seeing the goods.  Hey, you wouldn't make an offer on a car without seeing it would you!?  We didn't think so!  There is no obligation to take our offer when you bring your stuff in.  

I have X amount of gold, how long is my offer good for? - Gold prices fluctuate daily.  Recently we've seen gold prices fluctuate as much as $200 an ounce over the course of 10 days.  Because of this our quotes are only good for the session we give them to you.  If you come back tomorrow you might get more or you might get less.  It depends on what gold is trading for. 

  How long is my loan good for? - Loans are good for 30 days but won't forfeit until 60 days.  Keep in mind, however that after 30 days your interest doubles.  You can renew your loan at anytime provided it's current.  Simply pay the interest owed and the loan starts over again.  If there is no payment received on a loan for 60 days you're not in trouble; the stuff just becomes ours. 

So this means I have 2 months until my loan expires? - No.  Please keep in mind that your loan period is for 30 days.  Since some months have 31 days you might get the loan on the 5th of one month but it might be due on the 4th of the next month.  Please hold onto the paperwork we give you.  Your loan would expire 60 days (not 2 months) from the date of issue or the date it was renewed.

I never picked up my item from you guys and it forfeited.  Can I get another loan from you? - Certainly!  We give out loans with the understanding that you might change your mind and not want to pick your item up or perhaps your situation doesn't allow you to pick it up.  This does not prevent you from getting another loan from us in the future. 

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